About Us

Thank you for your interest in Advanced Seller Data Services. We supply many of the long time
note brokers as well as the up and coming note finders with the best seller carryback note holder
lists available. We do not sell anything but our note holder list. Therefore, it is vital we produce
the best list to keep our customers returning for more and provide the information necessary for
the newer brokers to establish themselves.

Our experience started in the early 1990s as note brokers. Back then we could not find a credible
list of note holders. We found the leads provided by large list providers identified very few of the
notes created. They did not care if they located notes for our niche industry and only sold records
as a “seller carryback” if the seller’s and lender’s names matched exactly. Therefore, we set out to
create our own list from the raw data in each county. We developed some proprietary software to
identify transactions where the seller carried a note beyond the simple seller’s name = lender’s
name logic that misses many valid records.

For the rest of the 1990’s our list grew and we were mailing up to 50,000 note holders per
month. During that time, we educated ourselves and learned a tremendous amount about direct
mail marketing for seller financed notes that we share with you today. We had mailing for note
holders down to a science and share our experiences with customers.

With the rise of the sub-prime lenders at the turn of the millennium, our business model could
not sustain itself. The sub-prime lenders refinanced the profitable notes leaving fewer for us to
buy or broker. When the sub-prime lenders began purchasing cash flow investments they drove
down the yields we could earn for what remained high risk investments, so we decided to turn our
attention to other real estate investment activities with higher returns and lower risk.

That left us with a program we that continued to collect thousands of notes each month we were
not using. An large investor and several brokers who knew us and our reputation for finding
notes no other broker could locate contacted us about purchasing our lists. Many of our original
customers from 2004 remain with us today. With automation we were also able provide smaller
packages for an individual note finder to reach note sellers at an affordable price.
Advanced Seller Data Services
"Providing the very best lists for note brokers and investors"
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