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                              FINANCIAL CALCULATOR  
This calculator allows the user more flexibility than traditional financial calculators for cash flow
calculations such as:
1) Greater ease of use and faster than the HP12C or other calculators.
2) Allows user to instantaneously confirm information provided by note seller is correct.
3) Provides user feedback on which variable is being solved.
4) Gives warning message and possible solutions when inputted variables cannot compute
5) An automatic note quote system to quickly calculate full and partial bids as requested by
the user.
6) A Net Sum calculator to find the present value of a series of partial payments

This calculator creates an amortization table for straight line mortgages. It is quicker and easier to use
than the Complex Calculator for the vast majority of loans. This Amortization Calculator includes:
1) The ability to calculate on a 360 day or exact day basis.
2) Includes columns to track loan payments and reserves.
3) Calculates loan payment for common loan terms for any loan amount and interest rate.

This calculator creates an amortization table for a complex series of loan payments including bump
payments, changes in interest rates and installment amounts. Unusual payments can be entered in
any date order and the program will automatically place the payment into chronological order. This
calculator also includes the same features as the Simple Amortization Calculator.

The Complex Amortization Calculator will take longer to download due to its size of 29MB.

These programs also available in Excel 2003 by request. Not all the features of the Financial Calculator
work with Excel 2003.

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