Advanced Seller Data Services
"Providing the very best lists for note brokers and investors"

While the statement above may be brash, we provide the proof to back it up. Not only
do you have our guarantees unique to our list, here are other benefits no one else can

Benefits of working with ASDS  
  • You gain from our 18 years of experience in the note business including mailing hundreds of
    thousands of mailers to note holders ourselves.
  • You always receive the best product for the lowest possible price. Our competitors can offer lists
    at a lower price but you get what you pay for. Saving a few pennies on a lead never pencils out
    after adding the costs of printing and postage to mail a bad lead.
  • You have access to more note holders than anywhere else period. We developed our own method
    to identify first position seller carry-back loans that other list companies miss. The seller carry-
    back records most companies sell are "throw away" mortgage records they are not looking for and
    can't sell to their primary customers.

What you get:
  • All Leads are guaranteed seller carry-back first position notes.
  • All Names included in each delivery to you are unique. You do not pay for the same name twice in
    an order. You never receive the same record twice in multiple orders.
  • All leads include US Post Office formatted addresses to guarantee the highest delivery rate
  • All known leads with paid off notes and bad note holder addresses are removed so you never   
    waste printing or postage on notes you know you can't buy.

*Proprietary fields not available anywhere else

Field                                Comments/ why field is useful                                                                  
Seller Information
1. ASDS_ID* - A "key" code allowing us to alert you when the seller's address has changed, the
note has paid off, been assigned or is otherwise off the market.
Order list
2. Seller First Name(s) - Includes the fullest name available, up to two parties named as note holder
   or contract holder on the recorded document.
Order list
3. Seller Last Name - The complete last name of the seller. We allow up to 60 characters in this
   field to make certain the last name is not cut short.
Order list
4. Seller Street Address - Formatted to USPS standards to ensure the highest delivery possible.
   If the note seller has moved, you receive their new address instead of their old bad address.
Order list
5. Seller Address line 2 - Apartment Number, Unit Number, etc., for more accurate delivery.
Order list
6. Seller City - Formatted to USPS standards.
Order list
7. Seller State - 2 digit postal code.
Order list
8. Seller Zip - Zip + 4 provided for most addresses.
Order list
9. Area Code - Note seller’s area code allowing you to group mailing to a specific geographic target.
Order list
10. Time Zone - Time zone note holder lives in. Allows you group or spread out seller’s calls by the
     time zone where they live. Informs you of best time to call note holder
Order list
11. Phone Number - Not available at this time.
Order list
12. Delivery Score* - Indicates how likely the specific person you addressed the mailer to will
    personally receive your message.
Order leads
13. Distance from Property* - Calculates how far the note seller is from property. The further away a
    note holder is from the property, the more motivated they are to sell their note.

Transactional Information
14. Sale Date - Date property changed ownership.
Order list
15. Sale Price - Sale price of property, estimated in non-disclosure states.
Order list
16. Loan Amount - Note or contract amount pulled from recorded documents.
Order list
17. LTV - Informs how much equity buyer has in property. The more equity, the better the note.
Order list
18. Document Number - Allows you to look up the transaction on the county recorder’s website.
    Go to to look up the county recorder and find the transaction.
Order list
19. Book/Page Number - Allows you to find a transaction on the county website if they do not use
    document numbers.
Order list
20. Loan Deed Type - Details if security instrument is a Trust Deed, Mortgage or Land Contract.
Order list
21. Second Position Flag - Allows you to identify 2nd position notes if you specifically request 2nds.
Order list
22. Maturity Date* - Date Balloon payment due. Allows you the option to avoid mailing to short term
    notes. We automatically eliminate notes that are paid off or due to be paid off within two years.
Order list
23. Interest Rate Type - Fixed or Adjustable rate type if known.
Order list
24. Loan Assumption Amount* - Balance of underlying loan of Wrap-Around/All-Inclusive note

Property Information
25. County Name - County and state the property is located in.
Order leads
26. Assessors Parcel Number - The APN of the primary collateral parcel
Order leads
27. Number Parcels Secured - Number of parcels secured by the recorded instrument
Order leads
28. Property Street Address - Available for improved land in most counties
Order leads
29. Property City        

30. Property State        

31. Property Use 1 - Property type generally indicated from tax assessor's data
Order leads
32. Property Use 2* - Property type from private list, often more specific the tax assessor's data
Order leads
33. Owner Occupied Indicator* - Flags properties where buyer is occupying property either for
    residence or commercial business.
Order leads
34. Investability Score* - Allows the targeting of notes in favor with institutional investors or notes
    where private investors would have an advantage
Order leads
35. Building Square Feet - When available from county records

Buyer/Payor Information
36. Buyer Name - Allows you to use the buyer’s name in your marketing material. You will sound more
    professional and informed if you include “your note with Bob and Betty Buyer” in your message
    to the note seller.
Free Educational Materials:
Free Educational Materials: