Why Your First Mailing Did Not Work

Over the years I have spoke to hundreds of note brokers regarding mailing note holder lists. Many of them responded they
tried mailing once then quit. They usually gave up because very few note holders called them. They quickly found out,
you do not select a good list to start with, you are bound to fail.

Most new note brokers informed us their only exposure to mailing was a list given to them or bought from someone
connected to an expensive seminar. Unfortunately, they seem to
give the same list of 500 to 1000 names to every student.
If you received a call or e-mail from us, that is how we found you. We have carried enough paper to occasionally be
bombarded by the same post card from many finders or brokers and all coming from the same school.

We spoke with hundreds of brokers who tried these lists and failed. Many then bought our list and closed their first deal.

How are we different? We only work with seller carry-back records and need repeat note broker and note finder business

We offer guarantees about our lists
We provide free educational material- no strings attached- to help you succeed
We focus on producing one great list, we don’t spend our time trying to mange hundreds of different lists
We have 15 years of experience specifically collecting seller carry-back data
We can customize your order
Advanced Seller Data Services
"Providing the very best lists to note brokers and investors"
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