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1. You have access to programs meeting every level and budget.
    Many of our customers are long time note broker or investors who have been in the business
    for over a decade. They have a fine tuned marketing plan allowing them to mail 5,000 or more
    note holders every month with confidence. Others are just starting up as note finders and need
    a smaller and simpler program focusing on getting a couple of deals under their belt.

2. You have the reassurances of our exclusive guarantees.

3. You learn much more about marketing your note business from us.
    We are not successful unless you are successful. You have free access to articles, and other
    tools to make your note business successful. It is easier for us to work with the same happy
    customers over and over again rather then find new customers. Some of our customers have
    been with us since our creation.

4. You receive the most information for the lowest price in the business.
    You have over 30 fields of information in every record. Eight of the most important fields are
    proprietary and not available anywhere else. You have exclusive information to determine what
    note holders are best to target repeatedly. For more details click here.

5. You work with or learn from some of the best and most knowledgeable
   specialist about how to market yourself as a note broker.
    We inform you about other important vendors and organizations you must know to run a
    profitable business for free! Printers, mailers, phone services, news letters and valuation sites
    are necessary to run efficiently and maximize your profits. We are not successful unless you are
    successful. We do not hold anything back because our only business is selling our lists and we
    have no financial ties to any of companies listed.

6. You can shop around for the best note holder leads.
    We are so confident you will find our note holder leads the best value in terms of price, service,
    trust and enhanced knowledge; we have links to our competitor’s websites so you can make a
    direct comparison. If a competitor offers a better value for a list, let us know and we will match it.

7. No set up fees or long term contracts
    Our customers return to us again and again on their own. We never require a long term contract
    locking you into purchasing more lists from us. Only companies who fear you will not return
    would make you sign a contract that you must return to them. If you are a victim of one of
    these long term contracts we can provide you leads your current provider is missing without
    repeating the leads you have already purchased.

8. We find more leads then anyone.
    Studies show we pull between 10 and 20% more seller carry back leads in most counties due to
    our own exclusive and proprietary data matching criteria. Most data providers only pick up
    leads where the seller’s name matches the lender’s name. In other words, the seller’s name and
    buyers name must be an exact match for many other lists. We go much deeper to pick up
    misspelled names (very common when the data entry person is must type over 100 wpm),
    changed names due to marriage or divorce (common times to carry a note) or if the property
    was held by a business or other entity and the note holder is in the personal name of the owner
    (common when an owner sells the business or retires). You have access to over 500,000 leads
    available in our database.

9. You never purchase the same lead twice or have any gaps between orders.
    We track every record from all of your orders. You never need to worry about records
    overlapping from one order to the next. Every record we send you will never appear in a future
    list from us. We will always pick up right where we left off in your last order so you never miss
    any leads from one list to your next list.

10. Enhance your image with the note seller by showing them you are a thoughtful
    and caring company who is concerned about everyone you mail and the
    By helping people who do not wish to receive your mailer, you greatly increase your status in the
    mind of note sellers looking for honest, caring and helpful companies to work with. By offering
    to help those who don’t send you business, you show note holders how considerate you are
    and much you care about people’s feelings and the environment. You will never loose any
    business because the people who remove their name do not want to sell their note and
    therefore are not customers.

    Think how often you give business to a company who helps others through donations even
    when those they aid are not paying customers. You can create the same type of goodwill
    for your business.

    By offering a friendly method to help those who do not want further mailings, you earn positive
    feelings from your customer because: 1) You are reaching out to help others solve a problem
    they want solved and 2) You show concern for the environment by saving trees and reducing

    You also benefit because people can go online instead of calling you and wasting your time. On
    the bottom of the mailer just include the instructions:

    To stop receiving mailers on your note, go to www.noteholderlist.com to keep your
    information private.”

    You may also include this image linked here to get the attention of your prospects.

    We are not Successful unless you are Successful!

We could not remain in business without our repeat customers. There are only a small
number of
note brokers and note finders around and it would be impossible to
survive if we constantly had to find new customers. Therefore, we strive to make all of
our customers successful and profitable. Feel free to use the following information to
help your business grow. All of the information we provide is based on many years of
marketing experience.

A Free Education

We will gladly provide you with as much free information as possible to succeed in the cash flow
industry. We have published many reports and papers about direct marketing for seller carryback
notes. The reports are too lengthy to be placed on this page so we gave them a few pages of their
own. Check them out to see what you absolutely must know about marketing for note holders before
you start mailing.

More Great Resources for Note Brokers:

All professionals must continue to enhance their skills and educate themselves about their industry or
they will never grow their business or income potential. Note buyers are no different. Without
continuing to improve your knowledge and skills you can not succeed. The note industry has changed
180 degrees since we started in 1994. Here are the best resources that offer timeless advice to keep
your note business fundamentally sound and the latest ideas to move on the forefront of the changes
sure to keep coming in the future.

Website with valuable information on the Note Industry

NoteInvestor.com has great information for everyone from beginning note finders to seasoned
professionals. Their material and lessons are updated frequently so you will need to check their site

News Letters and Journals with the latest information about the Note Industry

You must keep on top of current industry events to remain relevant in business today. The Paper
has been keeping note brokers informed of industry trends, marketing techniques and the
latest investors to enter the market since 1987.

The Paper Source  

Printing and Mailing Services

Mailing note sellers has never been easier! These companies are “one stop shops” for those looking
for someone to help design, print and mail postcards and letters. Not only will they do all the work,
they give you postage discounts not available if you do each function yourself. ASDS can work directly
with them to create a seamless marketing pipeline. You never need to leave the office to run your
mailing program. Look at several sites to find the one best fitting your needs.

Toll Free Number Providers

Note holders desperate for your services need cash and are not willing to pay for the call. A toll free
number tells note holders you are professional. Tests have shown repeatedly, even the very best
mailer will not work well without a toll free number. Most note holders requiring cash can not afford
free long distance services. Again, shop and compare for the program that best fit your requirements.

Phone People.com             800-510-5500        
My 1 Voice.com                  866-358-6366
e-voice receptionist.com    888-852-5599

Property Valuation and Review Websites

You can go to these noteworthy sites as you are speaking to your contract sellers or before
submitting information to your investor to get a more complete picture of the property and its value.

Yahoo! Real Estate

Other Organizations

Other organizations note brokers can use to enhance their marketing efforts.

The Direct Marketing Association
United States Postal Service
Federal Trade Commission
Advanced Seller Data Services
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