The Top Nine Rules When Mailing Postcards

Postcards are the premier engine of many successful marketing programs. They put your message in from of the note
holder’s eyes. With postcards,
you know the note holder will read your headline and see your image. That is half the
battle to get the prospect to call you.

Postcards have been used for decades and can work very well for notes if a few rules are followed.

1. Start with your headline
The headline is that sentence you put in bold type to get the note holder’s interest. A good headline has an offer
motivating people to respond. Your headline is your main idea and reason for the note seller to call.
Think of the number one problem you will solve for the note holder and that
is a good start to your headline.

2. Choose the right picture or image
The picture will be the first thought provoking object seen by the note holder. A good picture or image will draw curiosity
and gain their interest, inviting them to read your headline. Many different pictures can work as long as they 1) catch the
note holder’s eye; 2) goes along the same theme of your headline and 3) relates to the contract holder in terms of what
they want. The most effective postcards I have seen have a large image on one side and the broker’s picture (small 1’x1’)
on the address side.
Postcards with your small picture in the corner will outdraw cards without your picture.

3. Use a strong but realistic call to action
The call to action tells the note holder what they need to do next in to take action. It is important to be clear, simple, and
realistic in your instructions. Give people an easy way to respond without jumping through extra steps. Give them toll-free
number to call, or a simple web address to type.

4. Sell the note seller on taking action NOW
How often have you procrastinated and forgot about doing something? Don’t allow the seller to put off calling or going to
your website NOW! Request the caller take action to contact you while the card is in their hands or you risk being

5. Revisit and Revise your Headline
Headlines have three seconds to appeal to the note seller. Run your headline by friends and colleagues to see if your
headline would attract them. Does the headline make them interested in your offer? Will they read your message based on
your headline?

6. Don’t clog your postcard with words
Postcards allow only a limited space for you to give your message. You are better off staying with one major idea and
giving all your efforts to it rather then jumping from idea to idea and confusing your readers with many undeveloped ideas.

Note sellers will only sell their note because they need cash or to get rid a problem.
Don’t stray from your primary
Use your website to fully explain all of the benefits you give the note seller.

7. Clarify your message
Don’t assume that note holders will understand what you can do for them. Be crystal clear on:  1) what you can do for the
note holder,
2) what they must do to contact you, 3) when must they take action. If your message can’t tell the note seller
all three of these things, they will not respond.

8. Explain the note holder’s reward for contacting you
Have an incentive for your prospect to act now and to reward them for their efforts. A free, no obligation quote should be
near the top of the list. An opportunity to turn their note into cash is another reward.

9. Test, Test, Test
Another great benefit of postcards is they are cheaper than other mailing products. Marketing is an ever evolving process
that must be continually improved. With postcards you can test different messages and images cheaply. Professional
marketers will send out two versions of cards with similar messages and images to see what one works best. They take
the better performing card, re-mail it and test it against another idea and keep the best one to test in the next mail
campaign. Direct marketers are always testing and searching for the mail piece that maximizes their return on investment.
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