Prices effective July 1, 2011


Minimum Data Order:        $200.00*
* Without being able to select a more defined target market, direct mail works by contacting large numbers of note holders
knowing at any time 1% to 3% are likely to need cash and are interested in selling their note.
Mailing less then 1000 note holders
will not provide long term consistent results
. Successful customers mail enough records knowing in bad months they should close at
least one deal to cover costs and in good months they may close three or more notes. Some of our customers have done this for
over 20 years.
See tip 3 of our report Proven Marketing Strategies for Seller Carryback Notes” for more information.


Additional Services

ASDS Exclusive Leads:        Add 25% to record price
This feature is only if you have a competitor’s list and you don’t want to receive the same leads when ordering from us. We will
remove all leads you already have from the list we send you. This way
you get all of our leads exclusive to our list that were
missed by our competitor and
you don’t pay for the same lead from us if you already have the lead.

Note Holder Phone Numbers:  Phone number program is on hold

List Delivery Services:    e-mail list                                 Free
                List mailed on CD                                  $7.50
Labels: We provide template you can print labels from        Free
We print the labels for you (Avery 5160 template)      $50 per 1000 records
Our lists can be delivered in almost any format you need. Comma delimited (.csv) files are most common.
Advanced Seller Data Services
"Providing the very best lists for note brokers and investors"

Download our order
forms in .pdf format

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forms in .doc format
Special pricing
for your first
two orders to
get your
business up and
Need help getting started?
You can have our special
pricing on your first two
orders. Try our records and
you test for yourself how well
our list will work for you.
Due to popular demand, we now offer our lists
in two formats. Our "Basic List" is designed for
brokers new to mailing note holders and
"Professional List" for advanced brokers who
understand the power of
target marketing to
maximize your returns.
BASIC NOTE LIST                        

This list is better than any other list available for the price. This list is designed for those just starting
out and developing their marketing program on a budget. You receive
all the information necessary to
contact the note holder and vital information and updates not available anywhere else including
  • Removal of leads that waste your money such as:

  • The most current mailing addresses so you reach the 15% of note holders who move every year.
  • First position notes only.
  • Information about each lead you will receive:

We know how difficult it is to start from scratch. We offer special introductory pricing on your
first two orders to get you up to speed with enough leads you should start to generate
income. Once you see how well our leads work, we are confident you will return for your
third order because you will see the value you receive.

Starter List Pricing:
Number of
Records Ordered
Base Price per
Special Introductory Pricing to start your mailing
Discount %
Special Price per
Minimum Order
1,000 - 1,499
$  200.00
1,500 - 2,499
$  255.00
2,500 - 4,999
$  375.00
5,000 - 7,499
$  600.00
7,500 +         
$  750.00

Our Professional list is used by long term note brokers and buyers who know how to out maneuver the
competition. They understand the extreme power of information and use it to their advantage. Your
mailer will resound better with the note holder by including a more personalized message. When the
seller calls, you know details about the transaction others can’t access. When the note holder feels you
are the most prepared and knowledgeable about their note, they are more likely to trust you to close
their transaction.

The professional list user also understands
the value of target marketing. They mail their best
prospects most and don’t waste resources on notes they cannot broker or buy
. This list contains all of
the fields and updates mentioned above and the additional information below when available:

  • Buyer’s names   
  • Property address  
  • Records where the note holder’s address was not available on the recorded document and we
    were able to find it.
  • Our proprietary Investability Score  
  • Our proprietary Deliverbility Score
  • The distance the seller lives from the property  
  • Balloon Payment/maturity date
  • If the interest rate is fixed or Adjustable
  • A second property use code and occupancy type for residential properties
  • Loan Assumption amount to determine equity in wrap around mortgages
  • Document Number or Book/Page to locate the record quickly on line
  • Note holder’s area code and time zone

Professional List Pricing:
We have additional information including over 250 exclusive counties for our long time
professional customers. You must show the highest degree of professionalism in the
industry to gain access to these records.
Number of
Records Ordered
Price per
1,000 - 2,499
2,500 - 4,999
5,000 - 7,500
7,500 - 9,999
10,000 - 14,999
15,000 +    

Download our order
forms in .pdf format

Want to use Word to
view our documents
instead of pdf?  
Download our order
forms in .doc format
>  Known paid off or expired notes.
>  Duplicate names. We also track your order to ensure you never receive the same record twice.
>  Addresses going to loan servicers, title companies and other places where the note holder will
    not receive your mailer. (We can include these records on request)
>  Addresses where the note holder is deceased or moved without a forwarding address
>  Note holder’s name and most current mailing address
>  Loan date, Loan amount, LTV
>  Sale price, County property is located, Property Use