Ten Keys to a Killer Note Holder List:

1. The list only contains seller carryback note holders
Many lists often contain people who never held a note or banks and private lenders who would never sell their loans.
We double check to make certain a seller carry-back note or contract was created and
GUARANTEE every name we
provide is a valid seller carry back note holder.

2. All note seller addresses are updated as the note holder moves
15% of the population moves every year. Unless the list provider gives you the new mailing address, 15% of the list
becomes invalid for every year
the list has aged. A list of three year old notes can have 45% (3 x 15%) seller addresses
that are not deliverable.
We ALWAYS provide note brokers with the most current seller's address in the
USPS's database.
This reduces returned mail from 15% to less than 2% resulting in a huge savings for the broker.

3. The list is updated to US Postal Service mailing standards
Most addresses copied from documents do not meet USPS standards for mailing. Misspellings in street names,
missing or extra numbers and bad directional prefixes all lead to return and undeliverable mail.
All of your addresses
must be run through certified USPS software. The software converts the addresses so over 98% are deliverable before
they are sold to you.

4. Duplicate names are eliminated
You waste money when note sellers receive two mailers at the same time, plus it tells note sellers you are
unprofessional and can not manage your list. How can they trust you with their note?
See tip #4  in Proven
Marketing Methods about the necessity of developing trust. We always eliminate duplicate seller names before
sending our lists to you. Every seller receives one mailer from you while you save money.

5. Paid off notes are eliminated to the best of the list provider's ability
You will never make money on notes that have already paid off. Don’t waste money mailing to people you know will
never call. We eliminate all notes we are aware of that paid off.

6. Second position notes are eliminated unless specifically requested by note finder
Most investors will not purchase second position notes. Unless you have a reliable investor for seconds, don’t waste
money chasing these notes. (
Hint: if you find an investor for seconds in this market you can make a fortune since
none of your competitors can touch seconds)

7. User can easily identify and specifically target the best note holders
Mail the note sellers you can make the most money multiple times to increase the chances they call you when they
need to sell their note. Mailing your best note holders every two or three months works very well for experienced note

8. The list contains all vital details about the sale and the property
Good lists will provide you details about the property and transaction. When a note seller calls, you sound professional
because you already know most details about the note holder, loan, property and buyer.

9. The list provider does not make promises they do not keep
Some list providers claim their customers have exclusive rights to contact a seller. This is an outright lie to inflate the
price of the lead. All seller carry-back transactions are public record and they can not prevent other people from
contacting them at a lower price. Competition is not as fierce as many people perceive.
See our report Proven
Strategies for Finding Profitable Seller Carry-back Notes for more information.

10. The list provider is not part of a larger data company where seller carry-backs are “junk” and they miss
many transactions.
Most companies collect data on real estate sales to provide the information to title companies, mortgage companies or
Realtors. They are looking to supply huge volumes of data to large markets. When they find a seller carry-back note
they put the record in a “bucket” for resale to our niche industry. Because they are not focused on locating seller carry-
they miss many good notes and throw many non-note transactions into the “bucket” where unsuspecting note
finders purchase them.
We only focus on seller carry-back transactions and find 10% to 20% more valid notes
in most counties over our competitors.
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